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We are so excited to launch a brand new beer for 2021. VÉLO is one of Nigel’s creations, inspired by his love of Belgian beers as well as from a fact finding trip to Belgium as part of the Field to Firkin project.  Both Nigel and Al met several different brewers during their trip and […]

Brewing Life: Prepping the Brew

READING THE RECIPE A great beer starts with a great recipe!  It usually takes us about six months from initial concept, through trials and taste testing before we arrive at a recipe we are happy with.  The recipe for Hurricane was developed back in 2017 and first brewed in March 2018…not long after Stuart, our […]

It’s Coffee Time

Our smooth, full bodied Coffee Porter is BACK on our shelves. Made with the coffee from our fantastic local roastery – Speyside Coffee Roasting Co. who like all small businesses have had to work hard to adapt especially in the last year. Based just a little way down the coast in the village of Garmouth, Speyside […]