Easter Beers – a pairing guide

With everything that has happened over the last year, we don’t need any excuse to try and make the things just that little bit special. There is lots of Easter excitement and we thought we would help you along with your plans with a simple beer pairing guide. The delicious hot cross bun, toasted and […]

Brewing Life: Conditioning and Bottling

GIVE IT A REST Once primary fermentation has been completed, the beer is cooled down even further (to around 7 degrees) and left to rest. This is known as the conditioning phase. This is a crucial step in the brewing process in which all of the lovely flavours in the brew are allowed to develop […]

Brewing Life: Fermentation

COOLING THE WORT Once the wort has been boiled it needs to be cooled down before it can be transferred to the Fermentation Vessel so that it’s at the optimum temperature for yeast to be added. Too hot and the yeast will die, too cold and it won’t be active enough for fermentation. To do […]

Brewing Life: The Mash and The Boil

Once we have all of the ingredients prepped and ready to go, the real fun can begin… MASHING INĀ  ‘Mashing in’ is the first step in the brewing process in which we mix the malt with water in order to convert the starch in the malt into fermentable sugars. Getting the temperature of the water […]