ALC 5.2% VOL

A seasonal brew bursting with aromas of summer fruits and natural tart flavours balancing beautifully with the sweet malt of the wheat beer.  No longer available.

OG: 1.053
IBU: 23


Hops: Admiral, Cascade
Malts: Planet Extra Pale, Wheat & Carapils

Enjoy With: Hot dogs with mustard, BBQ chicken, tomato salad, and panna cotta

Enjoy After: Raft or ramble


Windswept Beer - Best When You've Earned It

Did You Know

We tried 13 fruits to find the right marriage for our fruity wheat beer.  Close contenders were plum, raspberry and boysenberry, but Scottish blackcurrants provided the best balance of tart fruit with the sweet caramel and spice of the WEIZEN.