ALC 4.0% VOL

IP-8? It’s not a new beer style, just a celebration of the arrival of the Poseidon P-8A aircraft to Lossiemouth. The beer is a gorgeous session IPA with fantastic citrus flavours coming from the Amarillo hops and sweet orange peel. 

OG: 1.041
IBU: 20


Hops: Admiral, Cascade, Amarillo
Malts: Pale Malt, Wheat, Oats
Other: Sweet orange peel

Enjoy With: Seafood Platter

Enjoy After: Snorkeling


Windswept Beer - Best When You've Earned It

Did You Know

With Windswept owners, Nigel and Al both being RAF pilots, we wanted to celebrate the arrival of the new RAF Lossiemouth aircraft the Poseidon P-8A. Arriving at the base in October 2020, the Poseidon is being used to patrol the skies, help in search and rescue missions as well as anti-submarine warfare.