ALC 2.6% VOL

This thirst quenching radler is bursting full of sweet grapefruit juice for a sweet and subtle bitter finish. 

OG: 1.035
IBU: 23






Hops: Admiral, Cascade
Malts: Extra Pale Malt, Wheat, Carapils
Other Ingredients: Sweet Grapefruit Juice
Enjoy With: Grilled seafood or just on its own
Enjoy After: Ultimate Frisbee

Windswept Beer - Best When You've Earned It

Did You Know

A Radler is a style that originates from Germany where traditionally a pale ale is mixed with citrus to produce a highly refreshing beer that is usually around 2.5% ABV. The story goes that it was created by a harassed bar owner who had a load of thirsty cyclists seeking refreshment at his establishment and so to make his remaining supply of beer stretch, he mixed it with some lemonade. Radler is German for cyclist so maybe there is some truth in this tale. We have made our version using our award-winning Weizen and lots of fresh grapefruit juice.