ALC 4.2% VOL

This is a dark and sophisticated chocolate stout.  The combination of different malted grains blended with raw cocoa nibs and cane sugar gives a fantastic rich, bitter hit of dark chocolate with a smooth, sweetness of malt flavours.

OG: 1.053

IBU: 30





Hops: Admiral, Fuggles & East Kent Goldings

Pale malt, Crystal malt, Brown malt, Chocolate malt, Roasted malt & Oats

Other ingredients: Raw cacoa nibs & cane sugar

Enjoy With: Beef or Veggie Chilli, Dark Chocolate Cake

Enjoy After: Ice climbing

Windswept Beer - Best When You've Earned It

Did You Know

The gruesome and horrific practice of Witch Pricking was common in the 17th Century. The witch pricker would test accused witches with a needle to see if they had the Devil’s Mark (a spot that didn’t bleed). Here in Moray, the poor victims found guilty were then stripped and put in stout barrels covered in spikes and rolled down Cluny Hill in Forres to their death.

Historical records tell of the story of a woman called Christian Caddell who disguised as a man, presented herself for duty as a witch-pricker in Moray. She sent as many as 10 innocent people to their death by proclaiming they were in contact with the Devil. Eventually her cover was blown and she was arrested, sent to Barbados and never heard of again.