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bottling machine 3

Here at Windswept Brewing Co we are always looking for ways to improve the quality and flavour of our beers. We have recently invested in a new bottling plant as part of a significant expansion at the brewery. The aim of this is to reduce the miles our beer travels before bottling and to allow us to bottle condition all of our beers.

Bottle conditioned beer is bottled with a small amount of yeast which allows the beer to ferment further in the bottle. This creates a natural soft carbonation with smaller bubbles, more like that in a cask ale, unlike forced carbonation which produces more “fizz”. We have also significantly reduced the level of filtration we subject the beer to.

Our bottling process now requires only a light filtration and a minimum of mechanical intervention helping to retain all the vivid and defined hop flavours, which can be stripped out by the sterile filtration of commercial bottlers.

The result is bottled beer that is as close as we can get to the cask ale in your local with all the flavours that our brewers work hard to get into the beer. We want our bottled beer to taste like the real ale product we brew.

The added yeast should settle to the bottom of the bottle if stored correctly. If disturbed it can make the beer appear cloudy. Here are some top tips to ensure you get the perfect pint from your bottle:

  • Store bottles upright in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Do not keep bottles in the fridge
  • If you like your beer slightly chilled, refrigerate for 15-30 mins and serve in a chilled glass
  • Pour beer gently from the bottle being careful not to disturb the yeast if you prefer a clear pint

If you do get some of the yeast in you beer don’t worry. Yeast is very good for you being full of Vitamin B and will only enhance the flavours of your craft ale. We love our yeast; we couldn’t brew great beer without it. Please enjoy your bottle conditioned beer responsibly!


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