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Brand new seasonal beer

We won’t let lockdown stop us! Here is a new seasonal beer for you to try. It is dark chocolate stout – intense and sophisticated.

Made with raw cacao nibs and then balanced with malty sweetness and a little touch of cane sugar. At 4.2% isn’t too strong so a perfect addtion to our spring seasonal selection.

Why not head to the online shop to try some now.

We know the name might cause a few puzzled looks. We like to look at local history to help us name some of our darker beers. We read about the 17th century gruesome practice of witch-pricking with evidence of it being carried out not far from Lossiemouth, in the town of Forres. Accused witches were tested with a needle and if found guilty were sent to their deaths in stout barrels (spot the link!). Thankfully no witches were harmed in the making of this beer.





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