We have been wanting to add a sour to our range for quite some time and now the time has come. Summit Sour is a vibrant, lip-puckering, refreshing kettle sour and we think you are going to LOVE it! We have used Scottish raspberries to give it fantastic fruity aromas and flavours.

Summit Sour in a glass


That is where the science comes in – it is all to do with the acidity levels of the beer.

We add bacteria (Lactobacillus Helveticus) to the wort which produces lactic acid, lowering the pH and creating this characteristic fruity tartness. Once the perfect pH is reached, we boil the wort in the kettle to ensure we kill off the bacteria prior to fermentation.

This type of sour is known as a kettle sour.  – we make it early in the brewing journey – just after the mashing in is completed – and then use the boil to ensure that the souring process stops. This is the best way for small breweries like ours to keep control and we ensure the bacteria is killed off once it has done it’s job.


This is just our first step into the world of sours – if you like this one then the brewery team are full of ideas for our next!  In time, like some of our bigger brewery brothers, building a separate facility just produce sours is the way to go. This allows for different techniques and production methods. But for now we will take it just one beer at a time!

Summit Sour is available right now to purchase in our brewery shop and from our online shop.