Award winning Wolf of Glen Moray Craft Ale from Windswept Brewing Co The fourth edition of our award winning The Wolf of Glen Moray, ABV 9.2%, is now available. Five months in the making and beautifully packaged, this is a premium hand-crafted ale we are truly proud of.

In November 2014, The Wolf of Glen Moray was awarded a Society of Independent Brewers Regional (Scotland) Silver Medal in the Bottled Porters, Milds, Old Ales and Stouts category. In March 2015, it received further recognition in the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards as Runner Up in the Best New Retail Product (up to 25 employees) category.

We’ll be launching this release at Taste of Grampian, Thainstone on Saturday 6 June. A great gift for Fathers’ Day!

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