DIY Cocktail Pack #3


Enjoy delicious Windswept beer cocktails without having to leave the house!

Featuring three of our most popular cocktails, the Lighthouse Bramble, Tropical Weizen and Mocha Porter, this DIY cocktail pack comes with enough ingredients to whip up nine delicious beer cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for any cocktail lover!

Note: 1 lime and 1 pink grapefruit required but not included in pack

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Pack contains enough ingredients to make 9 cocktails (3 x Lighthouse Bramble, 3 x Tropical Weizen, 3 x Mocha Porter)

2 x Lighthouse 330ml, 4.7% Kolsch Style Lager
2 x Weizen 330ml, 5.2% Cloudly German Wheat Beer
2 x Coffee Porter 330ml, 5.6% deliciously smooth full-bodied collab brew with Speyside Coffee Roasting Co
Mixer and bottle of pre-mixed spirits for Lighthouse Bramble
Mixer and bottle of pre-mixed spirits for Tropical Weizen
Bottle of pre-mixed spirits for Mocha Porter