Scottish Beer Award Finalists Box


7 of our beers were finalists across 6 different categories in the 2020 Scottish Beer Awards, and we’ve put them all in one case for you to try.

The case contains:

  • Wolf of Glen Moray (Best Barrel-Aged Beer) x 1
  • Wolf (Best British-Style Ale) x 2
  • Blonde (Best British-Style Ale) x 2
  • Tornado (Best IPA) x 2
  • Hurricane (Best Session Beer) x 2
  • Witch Pricker (Best Stout) x 2
  • Coffee Porter (Best Porter) x 1

Case of 12 x 330ml bottles 

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Want to know about these beers?
Wolf of Glen Moray (Best Barrel-Aged Beer) - 9.2% Cask-Aged Dark Ale
Wolf (Best British-Style Ale)  - 6.0% Scottish Dark Ale
Blonde (Best British-Style Ale) - 4.0% Hoppy Pale Ale
Tornado (Best IPA) - 6.7% Single Hop Citra IPA
Hurricane (Best Session Beer) - 4.5% Session IPA
Witch Pricker (Best Stout) - 4.2% Dark Chocolate Stout
Coffee Porter (Best Porter) - 5.6% Collab brew with Speyside Coffee Roasters