Al Read
Operational Director

Favourite Beer: Can’t say (it’s like picking between his kids)
Loves: Family time, surfing, golf

Nigel Tiddy
Managing Director

Favourite Beer: TORNADO
Loves: Skiing, cycling, running


Chris Jameson
Lead Brewer

Favourite Beer: WOLF
Loves: Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Whisky

Stuart Evans
Trainee Brewer

Favourite Beer: BEAR
Loves: Rock music, dogs, nature

Pavel Pfeifer
Trainee Brewer

Favourite Beer: LIGHTHOUSE
Loves: Playing the guitar, biking, inline skating, running, holidays


Emma Davies

Favourite Beer: TORNADO
Loves: Horse riding, mountain biking, her spaniels

Ailsa Morris
Tap Room & Shop Supervisor

Favourite Beer: GRISETTE
Loves: Travel, Music & her dog Luna

Connor Grady
Sales Manager

Favourite Beer: HURRICANE
Loves:  Running, Climbing Mountains, Swimming in the sea

Heather Christie
Marketing Manager

Favourite Beer: Lighthouse
Loves: Skiing, Running, BBQs on the beach