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VORTEX IS our brand new beer. It is a 6.0% New England IPA or more usually called a NEIPA. Here’s the lowdown on this fruity hoppy number and also this beer style.

So New England IPAs – what’s to know?

Most importantly LOTS AND LOTS of hop. Vortex uses so much more hop than any of our other beers giving it a really good fruity, juicy aroma and flavour. It’s the first time we have used Mosaic hop and we are loving the marmalade tang it gives on the the finish.

Those hops then in turn gives the beer a real characteristic haze. Again synonymous with a NEIPA.

So what’s with the New England bit? Well there are lots of claims but generally it is believed that the style originated from small, independent craft breweries in Vermont and surrounding states.

Want to get your hands on some? Head to our online shop. With all those hops, we have only made a small batch and also the fresher the beer the more pronounced the hop flavour – so best be quick!

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