What doesn’t go in to our beer is just as important as what does go in.  From the outset we believed that we could brew great tasting beer without the use of fining agents.  Isinglass is a substance derived from fish swim bladders and is used widely in the brewing industry to fine, or clarify, beer.  Left undisturbed, beer will clear naturally.  As a result our beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Anyone who knows the feeling of pushing boundaries also understands that a great pint tastes best when you’ve earned it.  For Al Read and Nigel Tiddy, their love of the outdoors was always balanced by the beer they enjoyed at the end of each day and that’s exactly what led the two former RAF pilots into the world of hops and grains.  The focus is always on quality with a mission to create some of the finest beer in Scotland whilst building a brand that captures the spirit of rugged adventure found here on the edge of the Scottish Highlands.
All of our bottled beer is bottle conditioned.  A small amount of yeast is added at bottling which allows the beer to ferment further in the bottle.  This creates a natural soft carbonation with smaller bubbles.  Light filtration and a minimum of mechanical intervention also help to retain all the vivid and defined hop flavours that our brewers work hard to get into the beer.  The result – real ale in a bottle.
Windswept Beer Pioneer
Windswept Poseidon Beer
Windswept Beer Under The Hat
Windswept Beer Under The Hat