ALC 5.2% VOL

A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel. Voted Champion Beer of Scotland 2019 by CAMRA, Campaign for Real Ale.


Tasting Video

OG: 1.053
IBU: 23




Hops: Admiral, Cascade
Malts: Planet Extra Pale, Wheat & Carapils

Enjoy With: Tapas, antipasti, paella, goats cheese, and chocolate cake

Enjoy After: Climb or clays


Windswept Beer - Best When You've Earned It

Did You Know

Contrary to popular belief no bananas are harmed in the making of Weizen!  Banana flavours in beer are caused by a class of chemical compounds called esters, in this case, isoamyl acetate which is produced by the yeast used to ferment the beer.  These esters are very evident in Belgian style beers giving pronounced fruity flavours making them deliciously moreish.