So excited to be able to launch TWO new beers in May despite lockdown. Two very different styles – WITCH PRICKER, a chocolate stout and now HALO, a Czech-style pilsner.

Witch Pricker launched at the start of the month and is going down a storm. It is intense and sophisticated made with raw cacao nibs and then balanced with sweetness from the malts and cane sugar. We have made it only 4.2% as some of our customers have been asking for a slightly lower ABV dark beer in our range. You never know until you ask……

Now it is the time for HALO and we think this is going to go down a storm. This is a 4.9% Pilsner and is really refreshing. It is a brew that requires patience as it takes a long time to produce.

Traditionally Pilsners were brewed and then left to ferment in caves – a process known as lagering.  So for Halo, rather than heading off to our local caves, instead we left it in tank for 4 months at a much colder temperature to other beers. This produces the clean and crisp style synonymous with a Pilsner.

Both these beers are available right now at our online shop. Witch Pricker comes in both bottle and mini keg however Halo is only available in bottle, we feel this particular beer style isn’t quite right for mini keg.


We are also going to start our live tasting sessions again. This time we will have HALO, WITCH PRICKER, MISTRAL and TORNADO in the box. The first of this series is next week so grab the tasting box from our online shop and come and join Nigel live on Facebook. You can ask questions, listen to all the banter and hear more details about each of the beers and how they are made.

Live Tasting #1 – Halo 29/5
Live Tasting #2 – Witch Pricker 05/06
Live Tasting #3 – Mistral 12/06
Live Tasting #4 – Tornado 19/06


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