Here at the brewery we recognise that if our beer can be brewed using products from local suppliers it will be more economical and  environmental as well as socially and operationally sustainable than if our ingredients are brought in from further afield. That is why we have embarked on the first phase of our new Moray Leader funded project to explore the feasibility of creating new ‘short supply chain’ for Moray based microbreweries and local grain farmers.

We’re working in collaboration with a team from Belgium, transferring knowledge between the world-renowned brewing industry there, the modern craft brewing expertise of Windswept and the Speyside whisky industry. The project kicked off with a visit from our Belgian colleagues and next month we’ll be making a return visit to find out more about how they do things.

The plan in Moray is to work with a local farm, malting house, and perhaps also a coffee roaster to produce a new premium value product, brewed from locally sourced ingredients. The project will help explore whether there’s a demand to set up a local short supply chain fit for the longer term. Down the line we’ll also be inviting some of our customers to get involved with the conversation, so watch this space!

The final output will be a new locally produced, premium value beer brewed from locally sourced ingredients. But right now we what we have is a lovely field of locally grown barley – almost ripe for harvesting.