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Weizen Available in Bottles

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Yes, after much nagging from bottle shops, distributors and fans, we have finally bottled our award winning German style hefeweizen – “Weizen”.Weien, a weissbier wheat beer from Windswept Brewing Lossiemouth Scotland

Why has it taken us so long? Because we are perfectionists. The defining characteristics of a good hefeweizen are it’s cloudy appearance and wonderful aromas of banana and clove. Both of these characteristics come directly from the yeast, in our case a special yeast strain from one of Germany’s oldest breweries. Normally our bottled beers have to be passed through a filter, which would remove the yeast. So, we held back bottling until we could set up our own bottling equipment in our brewery, here in Lossiemouth.

After several months of very enjoyable testing, we are now delighted to bring you our Weizen as it should be; hand bottled and bottle conditioned with live yeast. The yeast will settle as a sediment in the bottom of the bottle. If you choose to, you can carefully pour the beer leaving the sediment in the bottle – but we don’t recommend that.

The ideal way to serve a Weizen is chilled from the fridge. Open the bottle and pour 2/3 into a beer glass, sample, then swirl the remaining beer in the bottle to mix up the yeast. Pour the remaining beer into your glass and enjoy the extra depth of flavour and aroma added by the yeast. Cheers!


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