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Field to Firkin Update January 2020

It’s all gone a bit quiet on our Moray LEADER funded Field to Firkin project lately, but with good reason, because right now the grain’s sleeping!

Barley goes into a dormant state over the winter to protect it from the harshest elements. We’re waiting for it to wake up again before we can send it off for malting.  Malt containing dormant kernels produces less malt extract and leads to poorer quality beer being produced and so we monitor the state of the grain very closely to ensure it’s ready for producing our top quality brews. Patience is a virtue as they say!

Around the end of January it will start to ‘break dormancy’ (or wake up). We’ll continue to test it until all or most of the grain shows signs of being ready and then it’s off to the malting house to be turned into scrummy malt for our brew.

Meanwhile, you may have seen on our Facebook page that it’s experimentation time in the brewery and it’s all getting a bit competitive.  The brew team are trying out new recipes for this year’s brews, including their own recipes for our Moray LEADER funded Field to Firkin brew. Then we’re running a V.I.P. tasting event where selected customers help choose the winning brew – so there’s something to look forward to at the end of January. Customers will be chosen from those who submitted email addresses expressing interest in taking part after completing our Field to Firkin survey last year

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