We are so excited to launch a brand new beer for 2021. VÉLO is one of Nigel’s creations, inspired by his love of Belgian beers as well as from a fact finding trip to Belgium as part of the Field to Firkin project.  Both Nigel and Al met several different brewers during their trip and of course had to taste quite a few beers too. From sour, fruity Lambics to Trappiste dark ales – it was a beer tasting paradise. For the full low down on all the beers head to our blog post about this trip.


Once Nigel was back in the brewery, it was time to do a few trials using different malts, hops and a traditional Belgian brewing ingredient – candy syrup. It should be mentioned that from the very inception of Windswept Brewing, the brewery has incorporated some of the processes and traditions historically associated with Belgium such is Nigel’s respect for this brewing nation.

He was looking to get the perfect balance between fruity and earthy flavours characteristic with this style. One of the early trials was included in the Field to Firkin blind tasting and whilst it didn’t win, it certainly came a very close second.

With a little more refining or as Nigel calls it ‘fettling’, we think we have hit the right balance of aromas and flavours and are delighted to add a Belgian style beer to our range.

Of course no Windswept beer is launched without it’s associated sport. The name slightly gives this one away………..but this is for all you cyclists out there. Whether it is on road or trails, tandem or penny farthing – go have a blast and enjoy a post-ride beer at the end. After all a great beer tastes best when you’ve earned it! Head to our online shop to buy now.

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